Summer Camps 2015

Here's the first edition of the Summer Camps 2015 Directory - more updates will follow as more organizations make dates & details available.

Even though we're still in February, MOST camps are open for registration!  Many of the opportunities for teens (internships etc) have application deadlines quickly approaching.

As every year I am amazed at all the cool and exciting opportunities for kids to explore their interests and have a unique summer experience!  Enjoy!

Summer Camps 2015

Homeschool Programs & Resources Directory

Click here to view the directory (updated March 2, 2015)

A 20 page directory, with clickable Table of Contents, for home educating families.  Please email with additions, updates, corrections.

Successful Navigation

Here are four important steps in successfully navigating your homeschool journey:
  1. Align Your Compass with True North
    Begin with being very clear about who you are, who your children are, and what your family is all about.  Why are you homeschooling and what do you hope to accomplish?
  2. Plan Your Route
    Even an afternoon of errands starts with a quick mental checklist of where you need to go and what streets you might take to get there.  You may detour from your planned route, but a good plan helps you get the important things done so you can have peace of mind, and the flexibility to enjoy serendipitous moments.
  3. Prepare Your Ship
    While you could set sail for an adventurous journey with a broken down ship, torn sails, and no food in the galley, it wouldn't be much fun!  Setting aside time to keep your home and pantry 'ship-shape' leads to spending more relaxed time with your kids.
  4. Sail! If you're going to have an adventure, jump right in there and have fun! 
Take time to revisit each step on a regular basis to help you stay on course.

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